VANILLA FUDGE, the psychedelic rock icon

    Originally formed in 1967 from the ashes of The Pigeons, with Stein, Appice,

      Martell and bassist Tim Bogert, the band was soon renamed Vanilla Fudge, due to the fact that they are four white musicians from New York who play rock versions revisited by popular hit soul.

        World tours sold out; hit album and single; and a reputation as a group steeped in cutting-edge music allowed the Vanilla Fudge to be one of the most influential bands of the revolutionaries of the 1960s.

          The group remained together again and again since then, only with the defection of Bogert, who in 2006 after a motorcycle accident has decided to retire.

            Among the greatest fans of the band there is the musician Paul Shaffer, former leader of the late night band of David Letterman Show for decades, which of them says: “The slowed-down version of the Vanilla Fudge of” You Keep Me Hanging On “, starting from a soul record, he actually invented progressive rock. ”

              After the release of LIVE AT SWEDEN ROCK- THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY, last year, the Vanilla Fudge resumed their program of live performances, including an appearance at the ROCK LEGENDS VI CRUISE.

                “I hope we can reach our next anniversary at 55,” says Appice. “We intend to continue playing, recording and moving forward.” Mark Stein agrees: “I can only say that I hope the Vanilla Fudge keep going on playing as many shows as possible, I think it’s the only way to stay young at our age, we’re a rock band so we want to stay . ”

                  “We should spread our message of unity and peace in this chaotic world,” says Vinny Martell. “The hippies were right, man.”

                    Yes, they were right … and so were the Vanilla Fudge!

                    • Mark Stein – lead vocals, keyboards
                    • Vince Martell – guitar, vocals
                    • Carmine Appice – drums, vocals
                    • Pete Bremy – bass, vocals
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