Iron Butterfly is an American rock band. Over the course of its history the band break up several times, and as many reformed with several musicians.

Iron Butterfly formed for the first time in San Diego in 1965. The formation included keyboardist Doug Ingle, bassist Jerry Penrod, drummer Ron Bushy, guitarist Danny Weis and singer Darryl DeLoach. However, most of the members of the group (except Bushy and Ingle) left the band in 1967, at the end of the recordings of the album Heavy, which would have been published in 1968 (receiving good reviews from critics). The bassist Lee Dorman and guitarist Erik Brann, then seventeen, joined the band at this time.

With this new line-up, Iron Butterfly recorded an album entitled In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida which initially sparked controversy on the part of the recordists because the track of the same name – which would occupy the entire B side of the album – with its 17: 03 minutes would have been too long; the band was therefore forced to record a version without solos. After the album achieved great success even entering the Top 10, the group was allowed to insert the entire piece into the LP. In 1969 the group released its third album, Ball.

The following year the group saw the abandonment of guitarist Erik Brann, but he published the album Metamorphosis anyway. Faced with the limited success of the album, the band broke up for the first time in 1971.

Iron Butterfly reformed in 1974 by two of the members of the previous line-up, Brann and Bushy.

The band recorded two albums (Scorching Beauty and Sun and Steel) before they dissolves again in 1976.

Later the group reformed in 1988, to dissolve in 1993, and finally met for a second time in 1998 by Dorman and Bushy. Currently Iron Butterfly are working on a new album.

The band’s music has also appeared in several films and TV series, including: Supernatural, American Horror Story, Criminal Minds, Dad’s The Hurricane and The Simpsons.


  •  Eric Barnett: guitar and vocals
  •  Martin Gerschwitz: keyboards and voice
  •  Michael Green: percussion and voice
  •  Dave Meros: bass and vocals
  •  Ray Weston: battery
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