Goblin Rebirth began their activity in 2010 thanks to the will of Agostino Marangolo and Fabio Pignatelli, the historic rhythm section of the Goblin, to bring back to light the sound of the legendary Italian prog-rock group. Together with Aidan Zammit and Danilo Cherni on keyboards and Giacomo Anselmi on guitar, the band begins to perform live, re-proposing the Goblin repertoire, including some songs taken from soundtracks written and composed by the band in the 80s for horror B movies remained in the shadows (“Dark Omega”, “Contamination”, “Patrick”, “The church” …). At this point, Goblin Rebirth closes in the recording studio and in 2015 comes out, for the well-known American label Relapse, “Goblin Rebirth”, a disc comprising eight completely new songs. From the recordings of their acclaimed concert at the Crossroads in Rome in April 2011 comes “Alive”, released in 2016 by Black Widow Records.

The Goblin Rebirth are the striking example of how individuals remain deeply influenced even after different times and experiences. Very often the Goblins have been associated with the enthralling personality of Claudio Simonetti, but it is not only in him that the great group resides. With this record the couple Marangolo / Pignatelli, together with the other musicians, became the bearer of the Goblin essence, delivering us a product that brilliantly glorifies the Dirac equation and – obviously – our ears. The training not only knew how to take vintage elements, giving them a remarkable freshness, but also knew how to mix them, obtaining something elegant and pleasant. The beauty of Goblin Rebirth lies in the fact that it is not a “professional record”, but it is an album by artists who have been able to reinvent themselves and find a precise and appropriate dimension. This is not to be taken for granted, in the most absolute way: for this reason entering this dark and fascinating world is highly recommended.


  • Fabio Pignatelli: bass.
  • Aidan Zammit: keyboards.
  • Danilo Cherini: keyboards.
  • Agostino Marangolo: drums, percussion.
  • Giacomo Anselmi: guitar.
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