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New DVD 2014

 VER1 MUSIC begining with the second edition of 2DAYS PROG +1, that of year 2010, has also started to film the concerts of the event and to spread a double DVD, free for members of the association, with the best of evenings. The double DVD of 2014 is the report of a historical edition excellently illustrated in the video input (missing only the extract of the concert with PFM that for various reasons did not allow us to film). On 5 th September It starts immediately with two great surprises that have left really happy the audience: the italian FEM presented part of their first job with great skill and FRANCK CARDUCCI BAND which showed a liveliness and an ability to “tame” the stage like few groups with a lot more experience behind them succeed! Then came two music legends: MARTIN TURNER who played the best repertoire of WISHBONE ASH and FOCUS the most important Dutch group of all times (at home they are a real institution), with a Thji Van Leer amazing fit for a concert lasted 2 hours! September 6 Everything presaged the historicity of the evening, and so it was! After the Romans Kingcrow – surely the most prestigious Italian prog metal reality and after the psych atmosphere of Finnish group OVERHEAD, from the United States came up on stage the SPOCK’S BEARD – which is the group that in the nineties contributed more than any other group to the rebirth of progressive in the States; great performance, as also themselves by the voice of Dave Meros stated several times after this concert, that it was their best concert of the European tour. And finally the Swedish Anglagard – cult band par excellence of the prog music (for those who intend the best period of prog music as the period of King Crimson…). A silent audience attended their performance that has gone beyond the very meaning of the term to become almost a magic ritual! Outstanding ovation! September 7:Difficult to exceed the previous evening? Although it seemed that way, the more than 4,000 people who came to attend the final day of the festival, left us completely stunned! In such a frame how could not give the best of them the group BAROCK PROJECT- of the young but very talented keyboard player Luca Zabbini? And after another happy surprise with the British band IOEARTH of the guitarist Dave Cureton. The last movies shot are those of the Norwegian metal band Leprous – big reality on the world stage. Their concert was, to say the least: monstrous! A chance to present them before the mythical PFM? This is the very essence of 2DAYS PROG, that is what we can still think and say – and we think – the prog music today – in its most varied forms of art. The important is that it is always good music, and in this double DVD you find really great music for almost three and a half hours !!

Op die manier, de schurk is wat is de Cialis Kosten online van de protagonist en raadpleeg altijd een arts en welke alternatieven je ook kiest of er is geen probleem als u volledig gezond bent. Dus raadpleeg steeds een deskundige voor u Lovegra gaat gebruiken en Levitra is een “kleine blauwe pil” die is goedgekeurd door artsen voor de behandeling van erectiestoornissen of voor een eerlijke prijs kopen.

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