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Formed in London in 1969, HAWKWIND were probably the most famous underground rock group in the world. The history of HAWKWIND has been marked by a series of confusing formations through about 40 changes of musicians, with a single common denominator in the guitarist / singer Dave BROCK. Their sound continued to transform and evolve: an almost jazzy atmosphere (“Hawkwind”), the “experimental” and acoustic sounds of the first releases (“In Search of Space”), passing to the metal sound of those times (mid-years ’70, not for nothing at that time, as a singer, Lemmy KILMISTER, who later founded MOTORHEAD) and also a transition to electronics in the ’80s). With the primary use of synthesizer, heavy and delay with a touch of techno, HAWKWIND have practically created a musical genre that can be called: psychedelic space-rock. Their creativity seems to lie in the use of synthesizers to add to the intense moods of their songs. They are the masters of the acid-space rock genre. They are present in hundreds of records and compilations, but above all the first records of the 70s made rock history: “Doremi Fasol Latido” (’72) “A Space Ritual” (’73) – their live album, essential in all collections, with the right combination of Space-rock music and poetry. Lovers of the genre still consider it the greatest record in the world today! And to follow “Hall of the Mountain Grill” (’74), to be recommended to Pink Floyd fans, very heavy, psychedelic and with many sound effects. And, to finish, “Warrior at the Edge of Time” (’75) in my opinion a classic that cannot be missing in any collection! With these works they influenced several musical scenes, including punk (!) And metal. For this reason they are considered the link between hippie and punk culture. Their lyrics mainly deal with science fiction themes. Their concerts were real happenings, with an interminable duration and until exhaustion, both for them and for the public … A curiosity, which maybe not everyone knows: do you know the name of the last piece of music written by Lemmy KILMISTER for Hawkwind? No? So here’s the answer: Motorhead …


  • DAVE BROCK: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesisers
  • RICHARD CHADWICK: Drums, Vocals
  • MAGNUS MARTIN: Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
  • THIGHPAULSANDRA: Keyboards, Synthesisers


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