The Cellar Noise was born in Milan in 2013 by the meeting between Niccolò Gallani and Alessandro Palmisano. The two, united by the passion for progressive rock, decide to join forces and their compositional talents to give birth to an original project, respectful of the “classics” of the 1970s but at the same time projected to more modern sounds. The main core of the group completes when the keyboardist and the guitarist join Francesco Lovari, singer, who will give his personal contribution writing the lyrics. After several training changes, in 2015 the rhythm section of the Bersan brothers, Loris at the bass and a young Eric on the drum are composed. The line-up is finally complete. The Cellar Noise continues the writing of the songs, which they propose during the concerts, receiving positive comments and winning the victory in a bands contest of their city. In 2016, the band met Fabio Zuffanti, who, fascinated by their music, decided to offer themselves as an artistic director and to follow the release of their first record, recorded in Genoa, and released for AMS Records on 10 February 2017. In March 2017 they performed At Z-Fest with Christadoro and Finisterre.


Try to imagine. It is a winter night, one of those in which the moon is covered by clouds and its flame is swallowed in a vague whitish reflection that nullifies the margins of light and shadow. You are sitting in the house, safe, sinking into the armchair with the eyelids closing; Every now and then the dry noise of the watch’s hands catches you from drowsiness, crisp as if it were in your head, but leaves the spot for a new wave of sleep. You’re about to give up the sweet abandonment – when, suddenly, you hear something. It is different from the ticking of the clock and any other background noise in the house: buzzing of appliances, rattling of dilated axes, vague tremor of glass at the weak wind out. And without any shadow of doubt, already completely awake, you know that this unknown noise, of a different substance, and almost alien to the familiar background in which you are used to appisulating, comes from somewhere in your belly. Precisely, from below: the cellar. It is a recall that paralyzes you, yet at the same time it inevitably entices you. Stay seated, your nails stuck in the armrest arm, the blood flowing louder. You will soon find the strength to get up, you know, to listen to you more closely, because the cellar’s noise can tell you something about yourself that you have never thought of, something scary and unknown, something alive. You will go down the stairs and you will try the switch with your fingers. Maybe you’ll have the courage to open the door. The Cellar Noise is the fuse for the curiosity of the intrepids who are not afraid to discover new music, other than the chorus of the usual noises. For those who venture to open that door, the adrenaline will explode in a fire of colors and harmonies that light up the brain and, unwilling or unwholesome, awaken from sleep …


  • Eric Bersan – batteria
  • Loris Bersan – basso, chitarra classica
  • Niccolò Gallani – tastiere
  • Francesco Lovari – voce
  • Alessandro Palmisano – chitarra elettrica e acustica
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