El tubo elástico are an instrumental rock band from Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz, Spain). The band members had been playing together and with other bands for a time when in the summer of 2012, driven by the growing and inspiring current instrumental rock scene, decided to get together and focus on el tubo elastico. Their influences are diverse, taking in progressive, symphonic, space, math and post rock as well as elements of funk, psychedelia, electronic and psymbient.

The fusion of these diverse styles is achieved through an open creative process of intense improvisations that mainly incorporates elements of progressive rock but also electronic music through the extensive use of synthesizers and programming. The listening and arrangement of these improvisations give birth to their compositions. This organic process has allowed el tubo elástico to develop a powerful and live progressive rock style, whilst still keeping their characteristic sound and melodic basis reminiscent of early more symphonic influences.

After composing and selecting the songs they wanted to record, Alfonso took on the recording process at MusicaWorkshop studios, and so began the publication of el tubo elastico´s first eponymous LP which was digitally released in February 2015. They are proud to have captured the real atmosphere and the energy of the band in the album, although they go far more into their improvisational nature in the live show, quite more powerful.

Pushed by the great welcome and the good reviews, the band launches the Vinyl + CD edition in June 2015. The band has been presenting the album in stages since then, including the Monkey Week 2015 festival.



  • Alfonso Romero – bass and synthesizers
  • Carlos Cabrera – drums and percussions
  • Daniel González – guitar and synthesizers
  • Vizen Rivas – guitar and synthesizers
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